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Transcend Virtual Care™.
Tailored-RPM™ services optimized to meet your practice or clinic’s specific needs.

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Revenue sharing meter

Tailored-RPM™ services define your revenue share from CMS reimbursements based on joint responsibilities divided between Transcend and your practice. The more you do – the bigger your share of revenue becomes.

Transcend Tailored-RPM™ Services
Transcend Virtual Care offers ACOs and partner clinics a fully scalable RPM solution that includes our powerful RPM platform and the services required to implement a profitable program. We collaborate with our partners to deliver tailor-made RPM services that exactly meet their goals for both shared responsibilities and percentage of revenue. It operates based on a sliding scale where the partner clinic participation level is directly related to their revenue stream. Partner participation levels can be modified at any time.

American Patients Rank the Benefits of RPM They Valued the Most

New CMS Reimbursement Opportunities

In a time when Medicare reimbursements are shrinking, the reimbursements related to RPM services are exploding. This new area of opportunity is open to our partners. All of these new services areas are built on top of RPM (which also offers CMS reimbursements).

The Markets We Serve

Markets we serve

Supporting Our Partners

ACOs and clinics are facing problems associated with a worldwide nursing staff shortage. Constant churn prevents clinics from offering nursing care consistency and adding new and beneficial healthcare programs like RPM. It can also contribute to a drop in patient service quality.
Transcend Virtual Care offers our partners a creative approach to increasing patient satisfaction through better healthcare. We become a workforce multiplier by implementing a robust Tailored-RPM program on behalf of our partners that also brings new revenue to them.

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Added Value Services

Medical CMS code billing

Transcend offers our partners a number of optional added-value services that support the implementation and management of Tailored-RPM™. From billing to call center management, our partners can select from a menu of available services to round out their RPM offering and save on costs associated with adding full-time staff.

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