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my Personal Health INformation Service - myPHINS

An information service that provides Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) statistics to individuals to enable them to manage their health and well being.

Is myPHINS Right For You?

If you are interested in monitoring your health through RPM but you are either uninsured or your Doctor has not prescribed it for you, myPHINS is a great option to consider. We work with you to decide the monitoring device(s) to use, help to set you up on the system and begin monitoring your vitals. Once you are onboarded and we begin monitoring, we will send you graphs on a bi-weekly or monthly basis for your review

Glucose Graph View for Diabetes
Glucose readings graph
Monitoring Devices
Monitoring Devices

myPHINS is capable of working with devices that are Apple Health compliant. We also offer quality FDA-cleared devices since not all chronic conditions can be monitored through a wearable. We are adding FDA-cleared devices to our list almost daily. FDA-cleared medical devices we currently support are listed in the graphic.

Partnering With You For Your Health

myPHINS becomes your partner in understanding and managing your chronic conditions and other vital signs including:

  • Hypertension

  • AFIB

  • Diabetes

  • COPD

  • Congestive Heart Failure

You will receive daily reminders to take your vital readings. If your vitals become outside of your normal range, we will send automated alerts to you and others on your list (i.e. family, friends and your physician). Our goal is to provide you with information that helps you make better decisions about your health to reduce visits or readmissions to the ER.

Blood pressure readings graph
Historical Blood Pressure Graphs Delivered
myPHINS Text Alert
myPHINS text alert
myPHINS Monitoring Service
  • Offering a state-of-the-art patient portal

  • A mobile application for individuals with a smartphone

  • We send graphs to you for your review bi-weekly or monthly

  • We Automatically send you and your requested group out-of-range vitals alerts

  • We will send you reminders through email or text

  • 2-minutes after taking a reading, information is usually in your patient record

  • Alerts can be sent through email or text

myPHINS Mobile Application
myPHINS Mobile app
myPHINS mobile app
myPhins Plans
myPHINS monthly plan
Semi-annual And Annual
*Volume discounts available
Signing Up For myPHINS Is Easy
  1. Select the vitals you want to be informed about

  2. Select your billing plan and devices

  3. We send your device(s) to you, help you get started and monitor your vitals

  4. Select who you want to keep informed (i.e. family, physician, friend)

  5. Contact us to speak with a team member to get you started

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