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Glucose level trend over time
Glucose Trend Over Last 23 Reading(s)
Time Period: Nov 14, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022

April Blood Pressure Statistics

Blood Pressure readings and statistics

Transcend Tailored-RPM™ consistently monitors and tracks patient vitals allowing physicians to view their history and current status. Tracking allows patients to understand and participate with their physician in managing his/her own health.

Transcend RPM Services.
Stay closer to your patients and provide them with better care without lifting a finger.



Transcend’s Tailored-RPM solutions consist of our award winning RPM Platform, combined with our comprehensive monitoring services managed by our qualified healthcare professionals. We work closely with our clinic partners to “tailor” our RPM service to meet their exact needs and share revenue derived from CMS and managed care reimbursements.

Transcend Tailored-RPM
RPM Associated Codes
CPT Codes for RPM
RPM patient engagement 80%
RPM Patient compliance with care plan over 80%
Transcend RPM Platform

Transcend’s RPM Platform is the core of our RPM Solution. The cloud-based platform is fault tolerant, secure and HIIPA compliant. The platform stores and manages all of the data required to execute RPM, hold patient Care Plans (including vital lower and upper limits), physician instructions and processes. It also holds CMS billing information and audit support. Each partner will have private access to its own RPM platform instance, along with a dashboard, that can be customized with the practice's look and feel.

Transcend RPM Platform Key Features

Transcend Remote Patient Monitoring can improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and increase patient satisfaction while generating partner clinic revenue.


Monitoring Devices

Our RPM service is capable of working with devices that are Apple Health compliant. We also offer quality FDA-cleared devices since not all chronic conditions can be monitored through a wearable. We are adding FDA-cleared devices to our list almost daily. FDA-cleared medical devices we currently support include, but are not limited to:

Transcend Virtual Care FDA Approved monitoring devices
Cellular Connectivity

Cellular monitoring devices offer patients less complexity in the overall monitoring process. There are no apps, no pairing, no synching and no uploading data. Our cellular devices provide data you can rely on–4G Devices with 2G fallback option. Patients tend to be much less frustrated and more likely to continue to use cellular-enabled devices — a factor that’s especially important when managing chronic conditions. However, sometimes the device a patient requires offers Bluetooth only - which is why we support both.

Transcend FDA Approved Medical Devices
Transcend FDA approved Cellular device data transmission
Apple Health Compliant Smart Watches and FDA Approved Medical Devices
Apple Health Device data flow
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PCM is a billable Medicare service that allows patients to participate in the management of their healthcare, alongside their physician. It is designed to support better health outcomes by making patients and their doctors aware of vitals by monitoring results over time. Patients qualify for PCM services if they have Medicare and one or more chronic conditions.
Devices connect and send monitoring data to our RPM dashboard. Our dashboard is actively manned by our qualified healthcare professionals who are watching for vitals that become out of bounds as defined by the Care Plan. Our qualified healthcare professionals then alert the patient and/or the clinic medical staff.

Principal Care Management: PCM
RPM 80% Patient Engagement
RPM Patient Compliance With Care Plans Over 70%
PCM Associated Codes
CPT Codes For Primary Care Management (PCM)
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Chronic Care Management: CCM
CCM Associated Codes
Basic CPT Codes For CCM
CPT Codes For Complex CCM
RPM 50% Reduction In ER Visits
75% Of Chronic Condition Patients Are Interested in RPM

CCM is a billable Medicare service that’s meant to assist physicians in improving the lives of their patients. Patients qualify for CCM services if they have Medicare and two or more chronic conditions. RPM supports CCM patients by moving monitoring data to our RPM dashboard managed by our qualified healthcare professionals.

If a vital we are monitoring goes out of bounds as defined by the Care Plan, we will alert the patient and/or the clinic medical staff. Physicians have access to monitoring statistics in real-time and can view activity over time.

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TCM is a billable Medicare service designed to reduce potentially preventable readmissions and medical errors during the 30 days following discharge from an acute care setting. Patients qualify for TCM services if they have Medicare and moderate or high-complexity medical issues after they have been discharged from an inpatient setting, such as a hospital.
TCM is short term making it expensive and time consuming to properly implement. Transcend Virtual Care is the perfect partner to take on this role and even move the patient seamlessly to CCM after 30 days. We will monitor on an as needed basis using our qualified healthcare professionals and quickly notify the clinic if a monitored vital becomes out of bounds as defined by the Care Plan. Our partner provider portal automates the flow of information and assists in more accurate billing.

Transitional Care Management: TCM
TCM Associated Codes
86% Of Physicians Believe RPM Significantly Improves Patient Outcomes
CPT Codes Associated With TCM
Only 9.4% Of RPM Patients Re-admitted To A Hospital Within 30 Days Of Discharge
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Remote Therapeutic Monitoring: RTM

CPT Codes associated with RTM
RTM Associated Codes
CPT Codes Associated With RTM
50 RPM Patients Generate $72,000/year in Revenue
80% In Favor Of Using RPM

RTM allows healthcare providers to monitor a patient’s adherence to a care plan (including medication or lifestyle habits), as well as their musculoskeletal system and respiratory system functioning. With a RTM system in place to record and track progress, habits and pain levels, patients are more likely to adhere strictly to care plans and medical advice.


RTM service offers a form of accountability, holding patients responsible for following the direction of their provider and proving that they have done so. As a result, patients see better outcomes and increased improvements in their conditions as they are more likely to follow the guidance.

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