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Patient Speaking To Doctor At Front Desk

Added-value services can be combined with Transcend Virtual Care to improve patient health & satisfaction and make your practice more cost-effective.

Added-Value Services Provided by MedBoss

Billing Services
Woman Billing CPM Codes
  • Highly experienced CMS billing team

  • Fast and accurate billing

  • Focus on CMS billing returns

  • Management of CMS payment process

  • Participation in audits

Call Center Management
Call Center Operator
  • Agents with medical experience

  • Spend less employee time answering incoming calls

  • Live agent coverage that fits the needs of your clinic

  • Customized messaging

  • Caller ID identifies your clinic name

Fully-Featured EHR
Dr prescribing medications through EHR
  • Up-to-date patient information in a single place

  • Safe exchange of health data between parties

  • Avoids miscommunication with healthcare consumers and physicians

  • Facilitates diagnostics and preventing errors

  • Cuts costs and reduces paperwork

  • Enables more accurate prescriptions

  • Securely handles data and compliance with HIPAA law

Remote Front Desk Support
Back Office Support
  • Patient scheduling, rescheduling, canceling, follow-up

  • Registering new patients

  • Checking eligibility

  • Collecting payments

  • Clinic admin support

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