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Medical Center Building

We work seamlessly with ACOs and our clinic partners to provide our combined patients with world-class care. Patient health is our #1 focus.

Our Partners

ACOs and our Clinic Partners offer their Medicare patients primary care and specialty care services. A tailored partnership is formed based on each practice's unique needs. Some Partners will require more help implementing their RPM services program, whereas others will need less. Our flexible services plan supports exactly what is needed by the partner. Services can be modified at any time throughout our relationship. Revenue sharing is based on the level of responsibilities our partner chooses to execute.

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Partner Practice Focus
Clinic Partner Practice Areas
Partner Startup Services
Medical Train The Trainer

Transcend ensures that a solid foundation is in place prior to the start of a partner RPM service program. Building this foundation is a complementary service. Services include:

  • Establish an Implementation Plan with Timelines

  • Complete Transcend RPM Platform and Server Set-up

  • All steps for creating a partner clinic account

  • Set clinic preferences for overall program development

  • Provide Administrative Logins as directed

  • Create a Standard set of protocols for measuring while monitoring

  • Create Standard Discharge Criteria based on best practices and provide them to partner clinic staff

  • Set up training for partner clinic staff

  • Assist with initial patient enrollment and operational issues for the first 30 days (Maximum of 40 hours)

  • Conduct quality check and review of submission of initial readings

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